Lori Gano: How He Loves Us: Revealing the Affections of God

You may know of Jesus and His sacrifice for you; but how deeply does it resonate in your heart when you turn and face your reality--a reality that weeps despair, heartache, shame, or regret? The antidote to the most shattered heart is through the intense and drenching love that only God can give. How He Loves Us is a story of love and restoration through the book of the Song of Solomon and the stories of eight very different women of the Bible. Christ's love for us is passionate and restorative. His consistent affections will mend any pain and usher you into your calling. How He Loves Us is an in-depth study of God's unchanging devotion and tenderness toward His people. The poetry of the Song of Solomon is broken down verse by verse with word studies in the original language. This exploration through His Word will offer you an incredible glimpse of your Heavenly Father's heart. His message to you is ever consistent. His fondness for you is overwhelming. Spend time here in His truth, moved by His poetic affection, forever changed by His love. Here you will learn just how He sees you. Prepare yourself to be undone by His pursuit of you. Formatted with reflective questions at the closing of each chapter, How He Loves Us is perfect for independent reading or a group study.

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