Mark Rose: The Master’s Way: The Road To Financial Freedom in 21 Days

Get on the Road to Financial Freedom in just 21 Days! In this volume you will find a concise "how too" setting the foundation for this teaching/training system to get out of debt in just 21 chapters. Designed to augment the new online training app including video explanations, Rose condenses 30 years of counseling, teaching and experience in this important work based upon the timeless principals from the Bible. The reader will find a wealth of practical wisdom and tips garnered over his many years of experience helping people with real life financial issues step out of despair into freedom. Appendix Includes a number of practical and vivid charts and forms, useful in getting a handle on your budgeting and overall financial life direction. Topics covered; Life Stewardship. Your Part and God's Part, "Know Well the Condition of your Flocks', How to get out of Debt, How to retire the Debt on your Home, Children, Education debt, Long-Range Planning, Cascading Wealth and much more. Each chapter concludes with a quiz matching the app. 144 pages. over 30 unique images and forms. For more see:

About the Author: Mark Rose began teaching stewardship principals in 1985 and was trained as a counselor and coach by Christian Financial Concepts and later Crown Ministries under the teaching of Larry Burkett. Rose and currently represents Compass Ministries in Oregon. He has written a number of other best selling titles including: The Noah Code, and Last of the Long Hunters, and other works.

Rose owns and founded a number of successful businesses and holds 6 foreign and domestic patents in wireless. He also founded Two Masters ( with the goal of training individuals and church leadership in the principals of God’s Word relating to finances. He lives near Albany, Oregon.

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