Mary Kaarto: HELP for the LAID OFF

HELP for the LAID OFF provides solid hope and real help for those who have been laid off. Kaarto knows and understands all the feelings and struggles they experience, after being laid - twice - as a single mom.You will be greatly encouraged when you read what she has to say about:* Creating sanity in your new reality* Finding a new job* How to spend your spare time* Financial concerns* God's purposes for your life during and after the layoffThis book will show you how to become a victor - not a victim, how to be solution-oriented instead of problem-centered, proactive instead of reactive, and a successful person in every area of your life.A consummate optimist, Mary turned what some may consider a discouraging circumstance into an opportunity - an opportunity to offer sound advice to others in the same situation. She offers concerned encouragement to those looking for employment and to their families and takes the opportunity to share her faith in Jesus Christ.- Keith Carmichael, Associate Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Houston, TX

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