Matt Pinsker: Crisis on the Border: An Eyewitness Account of Illegal Aliens, Cartels, and Violent Crime

Idealistic and eager to serve his country, Army Reservist JAG Captain Matt C. Pinsker volunteer to go to Laredo, Texas, for six months as a federal prosecutor, helping out the short-staffed U.S. Attorney's Office.

What he saw in Laredo changed his life, and his riveting account of the breakdown of law and order will change how you think about border security. Crisis on the Border reveals:

- That drug cartels are in control of the U.S.-Mexican border

- The horrifying viciousness of the criminals who smuggle human beings into the United States

- That drug abuse and disease are rampant among illegal aliens—many of whom have lengthy criminal records

- That routine abuse of the U.S. asylum laws undermines legitimate asylum-seekers

- That U.S. courts are generally more lenient with illegal aliens than they would be with American citizens

- The hypocrisy behind the "children in cages" stories

- Solutions: how to solve the crisis on the border

Earnest, shocking, and revealing, Crisis on the Border is essential for understanding one of the greatest problems confronting our country.

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