Michael Abbott: Entitled to Slavery: A Blueprint for Breaking the Chains that Threaten American Exceptionalism

History tells us that all civilizations progress through a sequence of nine distinct phases that begin and end with bondage. America is hardly immune to this progression.

In his bookΒ Entitled to Slavery, Michael Abbott, Jr. explores the collapsing cultural institutions that have ushered America within one short step of this final, tragic phase. History and human nature suggest that our fate has already been sealed--but Abbott charts a clear path to breaking free. He explains:

  • The dire consequences of separating church and state.
  • Why secular fundamentalism is more than a mind-set - it's a religion.
  • Two simple measures that will prevent the fire of American exceptionalism from being extinguished.

Liberty and freedom are hallmarks of the American dream. However, if we don't act now, we will lose them. We are losing them. We must heed this calling that will define our legacy in the eyes of our children.

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