Michael Betrus: COVID-19: Lockdowns on Trial


The COVID-19 pandemic swept the world in 2020, resulting in most governments locking down their countries in an effort to slow the spread, so hospitals didn't get overwhelmed at once. These lockdowns came at a huge cost to the citizens of the world.

In COVID-19: Lockdowns on Trial, author and researcher Michael Betrus provides you with a fast-paced journey through the pandemic and its spread. He walks you through the analysis of the earliest data from the cruise ships and the models that triggered the lockdowns, and how the actual data doesn't add up to the life-altering decisions made by governments around the world, and especially in America.

In this book, you will see:

--Lockdowns by state--and many countries--and what the government actions were

--The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and state data with insight from medical sources, like The Lancet and medRxiv

--Analysis of actual COVID-19 deaths and how they were counted--The most important data point to determine COVID-19’s death impact, and that it’s never talked about

--How the lockdowns triggered record unemployment and economic ruin, and future deaths and despair in likely excess of the COVID-19 deaths

--A breakdown of how the media covered the pandemic, driving panic in the American public and keeping politicians from re-opening after the lockdowns

--Social consequences of the lockdowns: increasing domestic violence, distance learning challenges, suicides

--The anti-lockdown protests and the struggle to reopen states

--More than 100 charts, graphs and tables included to illustrate the data

--And more

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