Michael Brown: Lying Wonders, Strangest Things

Fascinating. Terrifying. Mystifying. You’ll find all that and more in Lying Wonders, Strangest Things. What are the most amazing things that have occurred in recent times on this planet we call earth? Is there an actual “twilight zone”? Are there real “x-files”? And might it be… a spiritual war cry? We live at a time of unprecedented supernatural phenomena. A boy disappears into thin air (time and again). Rock’n’roll stars encounter UFOs. A woman is tortured by two invisible entities.

Certain of the accounts may be mere oddities -- truly, the “strangest things” in God’s mysterious Creation. But just as often they’re glimpses of what Christians call “lying wonders” -- a spiritual invasion. What do big foot and UFOs have in common? And lake monsters? What about curses: are there ones that changed history? Could there really be a doll that texts?

This credible and yet incredible collection of the most fantastic factual accounts gathered during the past five decades by nationally-known journalist Michael H. Brown shows -- as a philosopher named J. B. S. Haldane once put it -- that the universe in which we reside is not only stranger than we imagine, but stranger than we can imagine.

If you thought life on earth had its bizarre moments, you’re about to see that conception taken to an extreme – one that sometimes speaks of the amazing nature of life but also and many times also to the supernatural.

The book is Lying Wonders, Strangest Things, by Michael H. Brown (you may have seen him in past years on Today or Nightline or heard him on Coast To Coast with Art Bell (listed in the show’s “classics”).

In sixty-three short chapters -- each a new “wonder” -- this fast-paced, true-but-incredible, can't-put-it-down book is journey through some of the strangest -- and in some cases frightening -- phenomena around the world.

The boy who repeatedly disappeared in front of his teacher, preachers, and his entire class. The precise prediction of Donald Trump (by name), a century before his election. Modern-day Lazaruses. Living “dinosaurs.” In other cases, there are simply the strangest things that occur on this planet called earth.

Astonishing healings. Locales where totally baffling phenomena occurs. Miraculous materializations. Mysterious strangers.

In the 1950s a broadcaster named Frank Edwards penned a huge bestseller called Stranger Than Science. This is a follow-up – with accounts that are not just an updated version (after more than sixty years) but even stranger.

Amazing coincidences, unsolved puzzlements, all told in a can’t put-it-down style that will captivate the reader from the first to the last, allowing them to see the spiritual threads between what seem like disparate phenomena as Michael H. Brown, a former newsman nominated three times for the Pulitzer after his exposure of the Love Canal and other scandals, now a full-time spiritual writer, pieces together the most incredible testimonies he could find.

About the author

A journalist, Michael H. Brown is the author of twenty-nine books. Known initially for his ground-breaking reportage on the Love Canal toxic crisis, he has penned books on everything from the Mafia to the search for the first anatomically-modern human woman using DNA. Since 1991 he has written Christian books, including bestselling The Final Hour, The Other Side, and Laying Waste. In his days as a journalist, his work appeared in magazines such as The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, Reader’s Digest and New York and he appeared on shows such as Today, Nightline, Phil Donahue, Joan Rivers, Sally Jessy Raphael, TBN (Paul and Jan Crouch), Coast-To-Coast (with Art Bell), and EWTN. In his secular days he went on four national book tours for Pantheon/Random House, Simon & Schuster, and HarperCollins, appearing on hundreds of television, and radio interviews. He lives in Florida with wife Lisa and three children.

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