Michael Gabriele: In the Flesh – My Story

Possibly the best-known story is that of Jesus Christ. The Gospels famously chronicle his public life. Countless books, movies and sermons have attempted the same. But the most relevant perspective β€” the one that matters most, would of course come from the one who actually lived that miraculous life. How might the Lamb of God himself recount his adventure of love among us?

A first-person novel of the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus explores more deeply his personal thoughts, joys, fears, frustrations, even his most profound prayers as he walked this earth in the flesh β€” fully divine and fully human, on a mission to save mankind. Hearing it in his own context helps us better comprehend what that life must have been like. It helps us better appreciate such a formidable undertaking. It helps us more deeply value and treasure such a powerful love.

IN THE FLESH - MY STORY transcends the conventional to uncover a raw, unrestrained, fast-moving exclusive β€” the most influential figure in human history personally telling his side of the story.

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