Michael LeMay: U.S. Immigration Policy, Ethnicity, and Religion in American History

This invaluable resource investigates U.S. immigration and policy, making links the ethnic and religious affiliations of immigrants to the United States to trends in immigration, both legal and unauthorized.

β€’ Presents data in 15 tables that provide insight into the relationships between ethnic and religious affiliations of immigrants and policy aimed at regulating the flow of immigration to the United States

β€’ Offers excerpts from primary source documents in nine boxes that cover immigration policy from 1819–2015

β€’ Provides a chronology of key immigration policymaking events from 1820–2018

β€’ Follows the immigrants who entered the US through Ellis Island from 1892–1914

β€’ Details the distribution, by percent and decade, of the national origin of immigrants from 1920–1950

β€’ Expands on FBI religion-based hate crimes statistics for 2015

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