Mindy Corporon : Healing a Shattered Soul: My Faithful Journey of Courageous Kindness after the Trauma and Grief of Domestic Terrorism

InΒ Healing a Shattered Soul, Mindy Corporon invites readers to join her search for inspiration and hope after domestic terrorism took the lives of her father and son. Headlines about the attack circled the world. Now, Mindy takes readers inside her family's struggle, the support of their faith community and her commitment to courageous kindness.

A popular speaker, teacher and writer, Mindy has dedicated her life to encouraging kindness, faith and healing in congregations, companies and communities. Among the programs she has co-founded with this vision are the Faith Always Wins Foundation and Workplace Healing, LLC. She has traveled widely to lead workshops and speak at conferences, and also works with online events.

She explains that she wrote this book "for those who are seeking inspiration; for those who are searching for a glimmer of hope and faith; and for those in need of necessary, supportive relationships, even in the hardest times."

In his Foreword, best-selling author and pastor the Rev. Adam Hamilton writes, "Mindy Corporon's story helps us understand how one survives tragedy, and says to the reader, 'If Mindy can survive this, and can do what she has done, then surely I can survive the adversity I face and can bring something good from it.' "

The book's Preface is a heart-felt appeal to readers from another mother who suffered a tragic loss to domestic terrorism in recent years. Susan Bro is the mother of Heather Heyer, killed in Charlottesville, Virginia. In her Preface, Susan writes, "Mothers lose their children to violence every day, and yet many have no time to grieve and receive little to no public support or attention. We must hold space in our hearts and minds for them as we continue to overcome hate with love. People say, 'Love always wins.' I say that is true when we practice that love in meaningful ways that make a difference. I see Mindy Corporon as one of those mothers doing exactly that. We never want other mothers to experience the pain and loss of losing a loved one, especially a child, to hate. I am honored to call Mindy Corporon my friend. Her book offers hope in a time of pain, pointing the way forward with faith and love. Read it and be encouraged to find your own way forward through pain and loss."

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