Neil Mammen: Jesus Is Involved In Politics! Why aren’t You? Why isn’t Your Church?

How often have you been told:

"Jesus was not involved in Politics," "Jesus was a Socialist", "Politics is dirty"

"Talking politics in Church will turn people away"

Wish you had a Biblical and logical way to show your pastor and friends that these are all false!

Discouraged by how the Church shies away from politics?

Fearful for your children's religious freedoms?

Wish you could convince Christians that we need to be involved politically in order to obey Christ?

Learn why avoiding politics is unloving, and in direct contradiction to what Christcommanded. Learn why not being involved in politics violates the second greatest commandment. Find out why anyone who says we should not be involved in Politics is saying slavery, child labor, racism and a host of other evils should still be legal.

Demolish the ridiculous concept that Christian involvement in politics has never worked.

This book is your manual to prove that if churches were involved, if pastors were training their congregations in the core principles of the law and social justice; within just a few years, poverty would diminish, welfare would be handled by churches, crime would be reduced and families would start to mend.

Else the nation will continue its downward spiral and the innocent and poor will suffer and Christians will begin to be persecuted.

Seem alarmist? The facts show otherwise. Time is short.

Used correctly these arguments can change pastor's minds and can awaken the sleeping giant of the American Church.

Find out more at

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