Pam Christian: Prepare for the Harvest! God’s Challenge to the Church Today

If a clarion call was needed to exhort people to prepare themselves for Jesus’ first coming, how much more important is an alarm for us to prepare for Jesus’ return! Many prophetic voices speak of a great harvest of souls:•Are you sufficiently informed about the modern culture to enable you to reach the lost for Christ?•Is your church leadership trained to meet the needs and disciple people who have no understanding of church culture?•Are you ready to welcome and disciple an influx of people from the dredges of society who have found Jesus, into your pristine church environment?The need to help new believers is greater than ever. This book is not only for church leadership. It is for every Christian who Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all nations, teaching and baptizing them in His name, (Mathew 28:18-20).

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