Pete Deison: Visits from Heaven: One Man’s Eye-Opening Encounter with Death, Grief, and Comfort from the Other Side

A tragic suicide may have ended the earthly life of Harriet Deison, but it didn’t end the love story she shared with her husband, Pete. Their connection continued through Pete’s vivid dreams of Harriet sent from her new home in heaven. 

Pete and Harriet Deison were enjoying a full life of being parents, grandparents, and partners in ministry when deep depression spiraled Harriet into a darkness that caused her to take her own life. Suddenly thrust into unimaginable grief, Pete, a Presbyterian minister, turned to his roots as a student and educator in an attempt to make sense of it all.

Visits from Heaven is the love story of a man and his wife of forty-three years, which quietly becomes the story of God’s love for his children. The narrative of strange coincidences, amazing answers to prayer, and dozens of dreams and visions by Pete and others affirms that there is a continued existence of loved ones that can be experienced here on earth.

Is heaven a place where real life continues, or is it all clouds, pearly gates, and long church services? Visits from Heaven answers those questions, giving readers a clearer picture of what life is like for a believer after he or she leaves earth. It’s also a wake-up call for those who secretly think heaven is a dry and boring place.

Deeply grounded in the Scriptures and in the classic works of writers such as C.S. Lewis, Sheldon Vanauken, John Claypool, Randy Alcorn, and N.T. Wright, Deison shares biblical truths about the reality of our continued existence and the nature of our heavenly home. Visits from Heaven gently leads grieving people on an effective and insightful journey through the grief and recovery process.

Insights include

  • the beauty and commitment of the marriage relationship
  • why suicide is not an unpardonable sin or a solution to suffering
  • indication that the veil between heaven and earth is more transparent than we think
  • evidence that our personalities, talents, and gifts continue in the hereafter
  • how God uses our dreams and visions
  • the landscape of grief and a biblical framework for navigating through it
  • three lenses for viewing heaven and ten truths about heaven
  • powerful assurance of God’s love and goodness, even in our darkest times

Join Pete Deison in his discovery of unexpected comfort in the face of grief and his incredible new view of life, death, and our heavenly home

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