Peter Montoya: The Second Civil War

America is on the brink of disaster. You've seen it -- on television, social media, at work, and even in your personal life. We're in the midst of a cold civil war, and the tension is mounting. We've lost friends and damaged relationships over opposing political views, and many of us now struggle with anxiety, anger, media addiction, or depression as we cope with the toxic weapons of cancel culture, unfriending, shunning, doxing, intimidation, and even threats of violence.

The Second Civil War is a guidebook for every American troubled by our growing national divide. Peter Montoya provides meaningful tools and practical strategies you can implement to end political bigotry, repair broken relationships, recognize misinformation and resist fearmongering, use social media in a way that it doesn't use you, coexist with those who hold opposing views, embrace positive patriotism, and help reunify the United States of America.

While the wars of the 20th century were waged by countries or institutions, the rise of unethical media, combined with the accessible power of technology, has placed us, as individuals, both on the front lines and within the command bunkers. We're not just fighting this war; we're running it -- and it's up to each and every one of us to end it. The Second Civil War shows you how.

“Never before have I recommended a book with such urgency. In this age of pandemics, politics gone mad, and rage-filled social media, our families, friendships, workplaces, communities and nations seem irreparably divided. In this accessible, practical, deeply compassionate blend of self-help, history, philosophy and cutting-edge behavioral science, Peter Montoya shows us what we can do to rediscover our shared humanity, our shared values, and a shared sense of purpose. The Second Civil War is the first book of its kind in the long-overdue genre of political self-help."

- Samuel Veissière, Ph.D

Anthropologist, Professor of Psychiatry, Co-Director of The Culture, Mind, and Brain Program, McGill University

“There’s no way forward without acknowledging where we are and how we got here. Peter breaks it all down brilliantly, then offers an astonishingly simple formula for disarmament. Anyone who has been concerned about the fiercely divided state of society needs to get their hands on this book. Actually, get several and start handing them out to others, too. As palatable as it is purposeful, this is a definite must-read.”

- Mark Cole

CEO, The John Maxwell Company

“Nations fracture and require mending. Peter Montoya begins by showing us our primal, tribalistic hot spots, and offering practical, psychologically savvy means of keeping them under conscious control. The sensibilities he provides are vitally important for national unity, and for the functioning relationships necessary to bind it.”

Hector A. Garcia, PsyD

Department of Psychiatry, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio

“Peter Montoya’s words are as thought-provoking as they are motivating. This masterful book combines bravery, delicacy, and boldness as Peter outlines the crucial steps we must all take to end the vitriol and hostility. Engaging, fast-moving, and profound, this is the ultimate guidebook to healing our polarized powder keg of a nation.”

- David Newman

Author, "Do It! Marketing" and "Do It! Speaking"

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