Prestell Askia: The Couples Cure Book: Mastering the Art of Relationships in 7 Easy Steps

The Couples Cure Book is an easy and enjoyable way for couples to enrich their relationship. This book is packed with golden nuggets, fun activities and tools that committed couples can use to enhance and improve themselves and transform their relationship. This user-friendly handbook is best described as a couples guide to help you and your partner deal with your relationship challenges. It is full of wisdom, personal experiences, and practical exercises that will bring out incredible insights. This book makes you think, laugh, reflect, be aware, and desire to transform any relationship in your life. Author Prestell Askia developed The Couples Cure System and the essential keys to a happy healthy relationship, based on hundreds of conversations with people in fulfilled relationships. The Couples Cure System is a simple formula for partners to use to solve their unique problems, issues and challenges, as they master the art and skills to heal a relationship in 7 easy steps. Couple’s challenges, such as communications, sex, finances, and how to mend relationships, are symbolically represented throughout the book as pieces of a puzzle. As committed, loyal partners, you can use Prestell’s Couples Cure System to easily put the pieces of your relationship puzzle back together again, resulting in a fulfilling and healthy relationship for both you and your partner. The Couples Cure Book can help you transform the dynamics of your relationship and create the fulfilled life you deserve. Her magic formula and secrets for healthy, happy, fulfilled relationships are included in these steps: • Self Knowledge • Mindset • Embracing Change • The Message • The Platinum Sex Rule • Money Mates • Renegotiate • Letting Go • Take Action Now

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