R.T. Kendall: Finding Your Heart’s Desire: Ambition, Motivation and True Success

Biblical Teaching on Ambition Offers Surprising, Discerning Insights

What drives a person to seek significance on this earth? Is it okay to want to feel important? Is ambition wrong?

With his usual warmth, humor, and candor, beloved pastor and author R. T. Kendall explores what makes a human tick--and why it is important to know. Ambition, he states, is not inherently good or evil. It is a gift, and one of the main ways God motivates his children to do his will.

Readers will delight in self-discovery as they
• Become aware of their hidden motives
• Understand what it means to be objective about themselves
• Learn patience before judging others
• Channel their ambition into actions that please God

The greatest satisfaction, Kendall contends, comes from experiencing praise that God alone can give. Whatever their level of ambition, readers will discover honor and significance as God means for them to enjoy it. This, says Kendall, is true fulfillment and success.

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