Raymond Ibrahim: Crucified Again, Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians

About The Book

Christian martyrdom is not a thing of the past. For Christians across the Muslim world today, it is the terrible and burning present.

 In this shocking exposé, Raymond Ibrahim documents the appalling sufferings of Christians from Morocco to Indonesia, from Turkey to Nigeria—everywhere, in fact, that Islamic Sharia and the culture it has shaped hold sway. Ibrahim, a Coptic Christian born and raised in America by Egyptian parents, uses his fluent Arabic, his thorough knowledge of Muslim sources, and his contacts in Christian communities across the Islamic world to uncover the truth about the outrageous abuse Christians undergo on a daily basis and to expose and explain the otherwise unfathomable indifference of Western academia, media, and government to the greatest human rights abuse crisis of our time.

 In Crucified Again you will learn: 

  • The real source of Muslim violence toward Christians (it's not about race, nationality, or economics)
  • Why Muslims cannot tolerate Christian worship and Christian freedom
  • The remarkable consistency in the Muslim persecution of Christians across centuries and continents
  • The myth of historical Muslim "tolerance"—and how it got started
  • Why Islamic persecution of Christians is getting worse

 This gripping book tells the unreported story of Christians under Muslim oppression with passion and utterly convincing detail.

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