Robert Oscar Lopez: Wackos Thugs & Perverts: Clintonian Decadence in Academia

Academia is sick and broken. That is the prognosis of Robert Oscar Lopez, a humanities professor who confronted the academy's politically connected "thugs" and survived to tell the tale. Hillary Clinton's failed presidential campaign, Lopez argues, was not the end of what she represented: a specific kind of power that thrives on decadence, which is nurtured in academia and continues as an imminent danger to United States democracy, even today. Lopez chronicles his journey through the hot-button issues in college life: academic freedom, race, sexuality, curriculum, financial waste, and economic inequality, until he finally concludes that there is only one course of action for America. It is time to pull the plug. In the introduction, Lopez presents a simple legislative plan that could clean up higher education and return it to its original mission. In the appendices, Lopez attaches key documents from his own administrative battles in California to prove that he speaks not out of inference or conjecture, but from true experience.

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