Roger Herst: Nunavut: An Arctic Thriller

Nunavut: An Arctic Thriller by Roger Herst is a pleasantly attention-grabbing read, as refreshing as the landscape of north-eastern Canada where the story is set. Author Roger Herst, who himself is a Rabbi, is a master storyteller and has crafted the long-running Rabbi Gabrielle series which has been well-received.

Nunavut: An Arctic Thriller has an incredible plot with an array of fascinating characters peopling the story. What most certainly makes this novel a class apart from many others in its genre is the “displacement” of its characters. While most stories would naturally revolve around the hero, this book seems to revolve around an unlikely villain, Jerome Kuppaq, who is none else but the Premier (Governor) of the self-governing Territory of Nunavut, Canada. Of Inuit lineage, Kuppaq was elected by the Legislative Council and knows that it’s his responsibility to defend his homeland from exploitation – of its rich and varied natural resources. But his lack of vision and foresight make him an easy target for people with ulterior motives, making his fall from the lofty heights of being the father of his homeland swift and fast.

Also at the heart of the story is a female protagonist Dr. Leetia Quilliq who unconsciously becomes the target of manipulative players who are threatened by her work. Nunavut: An Arctic Thriller is a story of international intrigue, romance and suspense. Roger Herst beautiful and flowing prose, vivid imagery and superbly etched characterization makes for a truly compelling and absorbing read.

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