Ron Bracy: Walk On

Walk On finds the reader trapped in the Valley of Despair. The question of the centuries, “What hope is there for me during my pain and sorrow?” will resonate in the heart of every reader. Ron Bracy, the author of Walk On, uses the writings of the ancient Hebrew prophet Habakkuk as a roadmap to guide the reader out of the Valley of Despair. Bracy starts with Habakkuk’s failure to understand why there is so much pain and evil in the world―a question asked every day by everyone. He then leads the reader through the verses of the prophet’s book and explores various roads which people take to find a way out of their Valley of Despair. In the end, Walk On reveals there is only one road that will lead a person from the Valley of Despair to the Mountaintop of Praise. You, the reader, must find that road!

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