Scott Burson: All about the Bass: Searching for Treble in the Midst of a Pounding Culture War

Many Christians are engaged in a bass-pounding culture war in which fidelity to our tribe demands a constant call to arms. This antagonistic posture, however, erects walls, deepens divides, and mutes empathy. All about the Bass takes a different approach by offering fresh and faithful sheet music. Using the metaphor of an audio equalizer, Dr. Scott Burson proposes ten action steps designed to turn up the treble of empathic compassion without compromising the bass of righteous conviction. In the first extensive Christian engagement with Jonathan Haidt’s Moral Foundations Theory, All about the Bass is academically grounded, yet written for a broad audience. Filled with practical advice and elevating stories of hope, it will inspire readers to move from hostility to hospitality.

If you have been longing to sing a better song in our discordant world, All about the Bass is the book for you.

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