Sen. Tim Scott: Opportunity Knocks

How Hard Work, Business and Community
Can Improve Lives and End Poverty

NEW YORK – April 8, 2020 – From a childhood of fatherless poverty to dreams demolished by a random accident to the floor of the United States Senate, New York Times bestselling author Sen. Tim Scott’s new book Opportunity Knocks offers a compelling case for what is possible in America today with faith and determination.

A senator from South Carolina, Scott is the only African American Republican in the Senate and the only Black elected to both Congress and the Senate in history.

“My experiences are evidence of what hard work and determination can still achieve in America,” Scott said. “My hope is that it brings optimism in this time of great uncertainty and inspires people to seize their opportunities.”

A book about seizing opportunity couldn’t be more timely. Recognizing that the dire circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic required extraordinary action, Scott led the charge to include faith-based organizations in the CARES Act including more than 300,000 churches benefiting from the Corona Virus Relief Act.

In Opportunity Knocks, Scott tells his life story with a focus on adversity and opportunity. Raised in poverty by his single mom, Scott believed athletics would be his way out. But when a tragic car wreck destroyed his dreams of playing college football, he had to find another way.

Opportunity Knocks follows Scott as he comes to faith through Fellowship of Christian Athletes, benefits from a mentor who helped shape his outlook, became a successful small business owner and, eventually, committed to using his political platform to positively affect the lives of a billion people through a message of hope and opportunity.

Scott shows the power in principles of hard work and hope while addressing the dangers of veering too far toward socialist policies. The book does not shy away from discussions of racial inequality in the United States and recounts some of his own brushes with racism.

Opportunity Knocks highlights Scott’s belief that investment and commerce are the best ways to rebuild America’s most impoverished communities – the idea behind his signature Opportunity Zones legislation strongly endorsed by President Donald Trump. The program provides tax incentives for businesses that invest in low-income urban areas, seeking to replace things like welfare and government assistance.

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