Seth Coyne : GENEROUS WEALTH: How to Make More Money By Giving It Away and By Helping Others

In Generous Wealth: How To Make More Money By Giving It Away And By Helping Others, Seth Coyne includes real world examples of strategies that can help your business establish a reputation as a generous, helpful company that deserves the loyalty of its customers.

Read this book and prepare to learn things like:

  • The unconventional “advertising” strategy that helped a store in Las Vegas gain national recognition and increase revenue by 400% in just a few years
  • A major reason why a popular media company is able to add $2.2 billion in annual profit
  • The secret that politicians like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders understand… and what it means for your business
  • The advertising campaign that generated loads of goodwill for an energy drink brand while also raising $279,061.60 for charity
  • And so much more!

PS. Many of these strategies also work for employees trying to build a strong personal brand. 😉

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