Shaun Rawls: “F”-It-Less: 18 F-Words to Reframe and Repurpose Your Life

What does it take to say “F-it!” and really mean it? To walk away from the circumstances that have you stuck in neutral, or worse, headed in the wrong direction? To reroute your life along a smoother path toward success? To live an “F”-It-Less life?

Shaun Rawls, popular motivational speaker and founder of Atlanta’s #1 real estate firm, discovered the answers to those questions and more during one of the most trying, yet triumphant periods of his life. After unexpectedly finding love and consequentially navigating a divorce, the life he knew changed. Even when you are the one to implement such change, it can feel like a punch in the gut, especially when those you care about and with whom you share history are affected. In his attempt to minimize disruption to the company and his wife’s livelihood, Rawls’ divorce included handing over to her the operational responsibilities of the successful business they had built together. During this transition, he discovered a whole new lexicon of “F” words more powerful than the one we all know. Employing each thoughtfully and practically in his life, he began to craft the existence he had always dreamed of. Words such as “fragmented,” “frustrated,” “fractured,” and “failed” helped him identify where he was in the moment and to earnestly assess where he’d gone wrong in the past. In time he enjoyed days that were “fine” or even “fantastic.” Prioritizing words such as “float,” “family,” “faith,” “fun,” and “freedom” reminded him of his destination, while words such as “find,” “forgive,” “forget,” “fix,” and “foxhole” helped him to get there faster. What he now knows is that these F-words can align us with our purpose and goals, enabling us to live a more intentional and rewarding life.

In this infinitely empowering book, Rawls encourages you to use these words to examine your own life—to see if it is one you’ve consciously crafted or one you simply allowed to unfold. To decide whether you’re living how you really want to or if there is still much roadwork to be done. To truly listen to your heart and gut, and to honestly acknowledge the areas of your life where you’ve compromised love and happiness for money, safety, security, or—worse—fear. He coaxes you not to let your best life pass you by, but rather to proactively attain the life you really want. By sharing some of his greatest lessons, Rawls, who is happily remarried and enjoying his expanded family and career, aims to help you avoid some of the same landmines he encountered and to live what he refers to as an “F-it-less” life—the life we’re all entitled to discover, explore, and fulfill for ourselves.  

Saying “F-it!” doesn’t always mean you are giving in or giving up. With the right tools, it can actually mean you are ready to pursue a better life—one of greater ease, meaning, and purpose—a truly “F”-It-Less life.

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