Stephen Vaughn Overman: The Watchman and God’s Plan For Your Future

"The Watchman and God's Plan For Your Future" is a journey through the prophecies of the Bible and God's plan for the future of mankind. I have incorporated almost 1800 biblical passages with commentary and explanations of what God has said about what lies ahead, making this book unique and comprehensive in its scope and content.
One of my many reasons for writing this is because of the lack of appreciation given to God for what is going on. This would apply both on a personal and a worldly level; even some of our churches seem oblivious to the fact that God is behind what is happening around the world every day.
Currently the world is experiencing major economic, sociological, political and ecological upheavals. Chances are you have been affected. You may live along the Gulf Coast, or have lost your job, you may be serving our country overseas, or you may have lost your life savings, experienced foreclosure on your home; I could go on and on.
We have people warning us of global warming, of economic collapse, and pointing out our governments' ineptitude. We have heard about the impending wars in the Middle East and other distant places in the world. All of this gives us pause, making us more than a little anxious, but is any one pointing out to us that maybe there is a God behind all of this, and that he is directing these worldwide scenarios to play out exactly according to His plan? In fact, we should be getting ourselves and as many others as possible prepared, because the moment that we have been awaiting could come at any time.
We must remind ourselves that God is in control, behind the scenes, so to speak. He loves us, and has put us on this earth for a reason. That reason is to glorify and honor Him. When we are confronted with what seems to us that everything is spinning out of control we must realize that there IS a God who is manipulating these events according to His plans.

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