Tim Koegel: The Exceptional Presenter Goes Virtual: Take Command of Your Message, Create an ”In-Person” Experience, and Captivate Any Remote Audience

This is a critical tool for any professional who needs to deliver effective, engaging presentations at a distance. It covers all types of virtual, online, or distance presentations. It includes conference calls, webinars, virtual meetings, video blogs. Sales calls, speeches, interviews, negotiations, this book covers it all, offering practical tips, tricks, worksheets, and checklists for overcoming the hurdles to engagement that occur when you aren't in the same room with your audience. This is the first of its kind on the national market. Every day, more and more professionals are required to present to distant audiences - to save money, to save travel time and costs, and to connect with new customers and colleagues. No other book on the market offers business people the tools they need to approach these presentations with confidence. It is written by a presentation guru at the forefront of online engagement. Through his work with such companies as Cisco Systems, a leader in virtual technology, and Forbes Online, the leader of online content delivery, Timothy Koegel has garnered unique insights into what it takes to deliver persuasive, compelling presentations at a distance.

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