Wilfred Reilly: Taboo

It has become virtually impossible to honestly discuss race, gender, and class issues in mainstream American society because if you dare repeat certain "tabooo truths," you'll be ostracized as a bigot. Professor Wilfred Reilly (author ofΒ Hate Crime Hoax) fearlessly presents 10Β of these truths here and investigates why the mainstream is so afraid to acknowledge that they're true. Among these taboo truths:

  • Men and women are different, although equal.Β 
  • There is no epidemic of police murdering Black people. The year Black Lives Matter began, cops shot under 1,200 people, and only 258 of them were Black.
  • Crime rates vary among ethnic groups. The Black violent crime rate is about 2.4 times the white rate.
  • There are almost no "pay gaps" between big groups, when variables other than race and sex are adjusted for.
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