Ben Sender, President & CEO of TechKnow Associates, details the Connect The Dots For Education, Inc. customized training program for teachers, students and parents.  One of the original Specialists in Education Technology in the 70s, Ben became the expert for the State of New York to implement digital technology before he launched his own company in the new millennium.  He explains the importance of  Project-Based Learning, and the results he has had in the classroom.  He also details the customized program he developed for Connect The Dots For Education.  Handing students a tablet isn’t the answer!  We need the proper training, mentoring, support for teachers, students and parents, to ensure program sustainability, and that is what CTD4EDU provides.

The total cost per student for 3 full years is $647.  First year cost is $349 (including tablet) and Years 2 and 3 are only $149 per student.


We need support of Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Uncles, Aunts and Friends to support their students first year.  Make a donation and support the program.  Get technology into the classroom NOW!  Click SUPPORT A STUDENT and give generously!  For individual school programs, call Elyce directly at 626-963-1440.

Bill Martinez will DONATE advertising to any business sponsoring 75 Students or more for first year.  Sponsorship of 1000 students will provide $1.3 Million in advertising for your company.   Call Elyce Monet for details.  626-963-1440 


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