Randall Terry

Randall Terry

By Bill Martinez

Randall Terry is currently one of two Democrat candidates running in the 2012 election for President of the United States, but the only pro-life democratic candidate.  His recent success in the Oklahoma Democratic primary in which he won 15 counties over President Obama is clearly exposing the President’s achilles heel.  Terry is projected to be on ballots in six key battle ground states.

Randall Terry is best known for being the Founder of Operation Rescue, the largest peaceful civil disobedience movement in U.S. history, with 70,000 arrests from 1987 to 1994. That is ten times the number of arrests in the “Civil Rights Movement” of Dr. Martin Luther King that accounted for approx. 7,000 arrests from 1958 to 1968.

This is an astounding fact and a vital part of our American heritage that peaceful protest and activism that saved thousands of babies and mothers from the nightmare of abortion. Randall has personally been arrested over forty times in peaceful opposition to abortion. He has spent more than one year in various prisons and jails throughout the U.S.

As a powerful and eloquent pro-life spokesman, Randall has appeared on 60 Minutes, Nightline, Oprah, Hannity, The 700 Club, The Trinity Broadcasting Network, Meet the Press, and virtually all major network news broadcasts, and scores of TV shows in America and around the world. Randall has heralded the pro-life message in newspapers and in every continent in the world. The New York Times called him an “Icon” of the pro-life movement. Some are now speculating over the prospects of a national holiday named after him someday.

Randall authored five best selling books and taught leadership seminars across America and worldwide. He founded The Christian Defense Coalition and Loyal Opposition, laboring extensively against homosexual marriage, child-pornography, and stem-cell research, as well as abortion.

Mr. Terry has a B.A. (with a concentration in communications) from the State University of New York; a B.A. from Whitfield College School of Religion; and a three-year degree from Elim Bible Institute, majoring in Scriptural Studies. To support Randall Terry for President, go to www.terryforpresident.com.


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