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And here’s the way it came down last night for Super Chooseday as some are calling it.

10 states commanded the focus of our attention for the GOP presidential nomination race. Mitt Romney won six states, Rick Santorum three and Newt Gingrich one. So do we really know anymore than we already knew going into this Super Tuesday?

The vote and exit polls are still saying that Republicans are not yet totally convinced. So why is that a problem? You offer 3-4 choices with seeming little difference and here’s what you get.

Republicans I talk to want a hybrid candidate that embraces the best of all four: Romney’s presidential look and business experience, Santorum’s strength and principles for the everyman, Newt’s smarts and debate skills, and Paul’s commitment to our Constitution and Freedoms.

No doubt that whoever comes out of all this, they will need the full-on support of these and everyone in the party to defeat Obama.

I am concerned that GOP’ers who have fallen for that little substance bumper sticker slogan of “Anybody but Obama” have found themselves drinking from the liberal grape juice trough.

Though it is a scary thought for conservatives to think about another four years of the Obama administration, it’s not about Obama. (See Marc Thiessen’s blog “10 Disasters America will face if Obama gets a second term

It is about a born again (if I might say) a revived America with a vision, that unifies, a vision that allows us to dream big dreams again, a vision that encourages us all to win and to regain our God given dignity and ambition. All people want is a chance to be productive again.

Production means jobs and jobs means our families are taken care of, and yes our Government can do what it needs to do without going broke and taking us all with them.

It’s what conservatives and this country needs to get America back on track…it requires everyone’s help. It will require everyone to do what he or she can to get us out of this mess we find ourselves in. After all, it took everyone in one way or another to get us here.

I have to believe that even if you’re on entitlements that something has to be telling you that with this ever-growing debt, over $15 trillion and counting, that this is unsustainable. I have to think, part of you is just hanging on. Is that what life is all about? Hanging on.

What about your kids…what happens after you’ve taken everything out? What is sustainable for them when it’s all gone?

Maybe it’s just good enough to think about yourself and not your family? I know that may sound a little cynical, but you know in your heart that this doesn’t work. What’s the real truth about all this anyway?

For too long a season, our country has become so entitlement minded and focused that we are killing the very thing that works for everyone in this great country.

This really is about the heart and soul of America, but who will care more about this then themselves? Who is willing to be the solution and not the added drag on our society?

I can’t help but hear John Kennedy’s directive to “Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country.” If America is going to get back on track, it won’t be because of a new face in the White House, it will be because We The People stopped and drew from within ourselves a greatness, yes an American exceptionalism that demands better than what we have been getting from our Government.

Real change starts with each one of us and I pray that if you haven’t already that you start being the change yourself …revive yourself, your family, a neighborhood, a community…yes, even a nation.

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