Rep. Jackie Speier: January 17, 2013

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA)



Democratic Congresswoman shot by Jim Jones’ thugs in Guyana on House Gun Control task force
Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) was shot five times in Guyana, South America in 1978. She visited the notorious Jonestown with Rep. Leo Ryan (D-CA) when she was a legal aid to the Congressman. Ryan remiains the only U.S. Congressman murdered in the line of duty.

Today, Speier is one of twelve Congressman on the House task force that is working to assist Barack Obama in the latter’s push for tighter gun control.

David Conn, who tracked Jones and spent years trying to alarm the media, is an expert on the relationships Jones had with Democratic politicians. Ben Barrack, author of Unsung Davids, a book with a chapter that tells Conn’s story, is amazed by the fact that Speier is still a Democrat. β€œJim Jones was a professed Marxist,” Barrack Says, β€œand he acquired the power he did with the help of the Democratic Party.”

Through the use of Community Organizing tactics, Jones was able to get George Moscone elected Mayor of San Francisco; Democratic Assemblyman – and future Mayor of Oakland Willie Brown helped Jones become chairman of the San Francisco Housing Authority; Governor Jerry Brown made several visits to Jones’ Temple.

Everywhere you look in the background of Jim Jones, you will find leftists and Democrats. β€œEven Ralph Nader has blood on his hands,” Barrack said. β€œWhen he was approached in confidence by a couple who defected from his Temple, it got back to Jones. That couple was further terrorized and ultimately killed.”

In addition to both Conn and Barrack being amazed that Speier is still a Democrat, they find it quite audacious for the Democratic Party to use her in a way to draw attention to gun violence.

β€œIn a way, they’re drawing attention to themselves but Republicans aren’t calling them on it,” Conn said.

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