Rich Harwood: November 19, 2012


With the election cycle coming to an end, Americans are now eager to begin on a new path forward for the country.Β The Work of Hope, a new book written by Rich Harwood, renowned civic engagement expert and president ofΒ The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, looks at a post-election society and discusses what it will take for our country to come together and start on a new trajectory.
Rich wrote the book as a result of his travels throughout the country, speaking to individuals and organizations in a variety of communities around their hopes and aspirations for public life and politics. What he found is that fixing politics or even the economy won’t fix what is broken in the country. His other findings include:

  • The endless acrimony, division and noise of our politics and public life make people feel like they live in the Tower of Babel.
  • An endless push for instant gratification now drives our daily behaviors and our unwillingness to make the investments we need.
  • We must get back to basics – to ignite more compassion, openness, humility and concern for the common good in daily life.
  • Americans must kick-start a new trajectory for the country through actions that start small and locally – where we can rebuild trust, relationships and confidence.
  • The central task is to restore belief in ourselves and one another that we can get things done, together.

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