Robb Brown: November 2, 2020

Free Tools Available to Capture and Report Irregularities for the 2020 Election

‘Guard My Vote’ Voter Suppression Reporting App Now Available at Your Fingertips to Take Empowering Action by Sharing Voting Experiences and Alerting Election Officials

Robb Brown

Founder of the ‘Guard My Vote’ App and CEO of The Denver Retail Group


With all the headlines of voter fraud, voter intimidation operations by foreign actors and domestic tampering of official ballot boxes, a new voter suppression reporting app is available to empower voters by capturing and alerting local officials and the public of any efforts to suppress votes in the upcoming 2020 election. 


Easily accessible – for free – on a smartphone or web browser, The ‘Guard My Vote’ app provides useful information on voter suppression, and allows end-users to record localized voting experiences via their mobile camera and instantly share via text, email and tagged Tweets with local election officials, the Secretary of State and the public. The goal is to provide truthful information and prompt action in a non-partisan way to reduce voter suppression incidents. 


Guard My Vote aims to expand voting access and awareness to each corner of our nation with a mission to empower people to vote and end voter suppression – for good. The easy-to-use app allows voters to identify and report some of the most common methods of voter suppression, including restrictive voter ID rules, lack of language support, closed polling locations, or reducing voting hours. As the public looks for meaningful ways to improve voter integrity, Guard My Vote streamlines the process of alerting election officials and shedding light on problems that occur in real-time.


Did You Know?

  • Voter suppression can influence election outcomes by discouraging or preventing specific groups of people from voting.
  • Tactics include efforts to make voting less convenient, physical intimidation, or even blocking prospective voters from polling places.
  • Unapproved ballot boxes were installed in California.
  • Huge lines and long waits are evident for early voters in Georgia.
  • Texas has attempted to reduce ballot boxes to one per county.


On Wednesday, October 28th ‘Guard My Vote’ Founder and CEO of the Denver Retail Group, Robb Brown is available for interviews to break down how the app works and help everyday people become more knowledgeable to act and to make their voices heard to end voter suppression.



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More About Robb Brown:

Robb is a global citizen who uses his life experience and access to improve lives. His successful career has centered around U.S. mixed-use retail development and airport consulting for over 23 years. As an entrepreneur, he has shifted his focus towards the development of social impact software designed to improve the quality of life of its users by offering self-advocacy, security, and a seat at the table. Overall, Robb seeks to offer mobile solutions that encourage scalability, user feedback, increased efficiencies, and an improved quality of life.


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