Roya Winner: June 27, 2018



Roya Winner

Communications Manager for Social Good at Facebook

If you’ve logged onto Facebook in the last week, there’s a good chance you have seen the “Reunite an immigrant parent with their child: Fundraiser for RAICES.” This fundraiser was set up by parents Charlotte and Dave Willner and has now raised more than $20M (and counting) from more than 500,000 donors, and is continuing to build momentum. This is the largest single fundraiser to date using Facebook Fundraisers, and it’s remarkable to see how the community has come together to support this issue. Since Facebook waived fees for nonprofit fundraisers in November 2017, 100% of what’s raised goes to the nonprofit.

Key details:

  • The fundraiser began on Saturday morning at 8AM PT with a goal of raising $1,500

  • The average donation is about $50

This fundraiser illustrates that ANYONE can be a changemaker! In this satellite interview, Facebook’s Roya Winner will tell you how you can raise money for a cause that’s near and dear to your heart. Charlotte and Dave Willner are a case in point. They wanted to make an impact and were able to do so by getting involved in an activity that takes less than one minute to complete.

Roya Winner is a Communications Manager for Social Good at Facebook, overseeing communications for the company’s charitable giving products and initiatives, including Facebook Fundraisers, Donate buttons, and more. Before Facebook, Roya was at Google, where she most recently focused on the company’s social impact and philanthropic efforts  and held various product and corporate communications roles since July 2012, including serving as a lead Google Trends analyst, highlighting trending topics across Google on radio and media across the country. Before joining Google, Roya spent five years in Washington, DC where she worked for the University of California Washington Center and Voice of America’s Persian News Network. During her time at Georgetown, Roya was as a graduate student researcher on a project assessing the condition of urban Iraqi refugees in Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, the Middle East Institute, and served as a Graduate Intern at the Albright Stonebridge Group, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s global strategy firm. Roya is passionate about the nexus of technology and charitable giving as well as the continued growth of women and underrepresented groups in technology.


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