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An Extraordinary Tip From Generous Couple Replaces Waitress’s Battered Car

The story of a Christmas tip given to a waitress in Branson, Mo., has caught the attention of its community and now gone viral on social media. The generous spirit of these two good Samaritans will restore your faith in humanity, and leave you feeling inspired.

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Scuba Diver Finds Rightful Owner of Wedding Ring After Exhaustive Internet Search

The chances of 21-year-old, Daniel Roark, finding a ring while scuba diving have to be slim to none. What Roark did next, is even more amazing. After enlisting the help of the internet, his story went viral and he managed to track down the ring’s rightful owner.


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Iowa Replaces Drivers License With App

There’s an app for almost everything we can imagine. Our smart phones have become so much more than phones to many of us – they have become essential tools with access to e-mail, pictures, news, and social media. There could be a new use for our cellular devices. Iowa will be the first state to attempt taking plastic drivers licenses into the digital age.


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Unique Traffic Stops in Missouri Brings Drivers to Tears

Earlier this month, in Kansas City, Missouri, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department was out looking for people. And when they spotted a subject, they went after them, in a sting operation the likes of which this country has never seen.

Every year an anonymous, wealthy businessman, only known as “Secret Santa”, gives out about a hundred thousand dollars worth of hundred dollar bills to random strangers. This year, instead of doing it all himself, he deputized these deputies to give away much of it.

This story is a touching reminder of what the Christmas spirit is all about.


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