Sandra Teplinsky: September 9, 2013



As the Gaza conflict heats up, and the Jewish-Muslim relationship grows increasingly tense, the spotlight of world events is focusing more intently on Israel, and believers are in a quandary about what to think of The Holy Land.  WhyStillCareAboutIsrael-CVR

 Sandra Teplinsky, has been in Messianic Jewish ministry since 1979.  She is President and founder of Light of Zion, a Messianic outreach to Israel and the Church based in California and Jerusalem.  From an orthodox Jewish background, Sandra obtained a J.D. from Indiana University School of LAw, a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Illinois and Bible Training from Talbot Seminary in Los Angeles.  

 In her latest book, an update from her previous Sandra unlocks the mystery of Israel amid riding international tensions, and explains why we still need to care what happens to Israel.

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