Sean Slovenski: October 28, 2020


Modernizing Testing to Keep Workforces and Communities Safe


Sean Slovenski, CEO of BioIQ


The U.S. isn’t doing enough testing to control COVID-19. Researchers at Harvard Global Health Institute say we need 4.4 million tests per day to reach “a basic level of proactive testing,” and far more (14M) is necessary to safely reopen the economy. Yet, we’ve never managed to perform more than 1M per day. Not to mention the COVID confusion, misinformation, and the fact that too often consumers are getting unreliable or outdated test results – rendering them useless.

Testing company, BioIQ, is aiming to solve our nation’s testing and immunization crisis through a national network of labs that can bypass the significant logistics challenges others are facing. The agility of BioIQ plus their recent partnership with the Validation Institute establishes them as one of the nation’s most trusted, reliable, and accurate B2B testing companies servicing many of America’s leading businesses in the Fortune 50 and more than 40 of our nation’s health plans.

As the pandemic rages on, employers and health plans are looking for a better solution to testing that helps them safely return to work. BioIQ has more testing capacity and agility than major testing giants (500,000 a day), validates these tests’ scientific process, and can connect patients to telehealth for continued care after a positive test result. BioIQ is well-positioned to solve the critical testing and screening issues plaguing our nation and at scale. The result? More people can get testing faster, cheaper, and with improved accuracy.


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Sean Slovenski is recognized as a healthcare industry innovator with 30 years of success. As former SVP and President of Walmart Health, Sean led the launch of multi-disciplinary healthcare clinics known as the “Super Centers for Healthcare.” Today, Sean serves as the CEO of BioIQ – a company modernizing the diagnostic testing industry through a national network of labs and customized solutions that support health plans, employers, and consumers. By aggregating testing solutions, optimizing lab capacity, and integrating testing with customers’ needs and strategies, BioIQ helps ensure stability and resilience for employers and health plans by detecting disease to protect their workforces and members.



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