September 6, 2016

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Here’s Phyllis Schlafly and Bill at C-PAC 2014.  A conservative champion whose legacy is without equal.  I was glad she could see the GOP finally offer a Choice and Not An Echo of the Democratic Party.


John Hart: Kaepernick’s view represents the hopelessness, bitterness, despair and inwardness of identity politics.


Samantha Mills-Mao: Reporting On The Week’s Best Videos That Are Going Viral



Bruce Thatcher: America’s Immigration Conundrum


Anne Pierce:  Captain Obvious Says Media Should Not Report On ISIS-Clarifies America’s Head In The Sand Diplomacy

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April Kirkwood: Lessons Learned From Big Girl’s Do Cry


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Glenn Stanton: Why Man and Woman Are Not Equal

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Mary Ellen Hannibal: The Citizen Scientist Revolution-The Makings Of What May Be Our Last Hope In Slowing The Largest Mass Extinction Since The Dinosaurs



Sifu Slim: “Your Great-Great Grandparents Guide To Healthy Living!
Taking Pointers From 1910 On How To Live Healthier!”


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