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If you plan on purchasing gift cards for loved ones this holiday season, you’re not alone. In fact, according to new research, surveyed shoppers’ holiday gift card spend is expected to increase 7% from 2018, with shoppers spending approximately 35% of their total holiday gifting budget on gift cards. Additional findings include:

  • Most consumers (63%) surveyed are confident in the economy.
  • Shoppers surveyed plan on purchasing gifts for eight people on average, estimating they will spend a total of $618.93 this year.
  • On average, shoppers expect to spend approximately $213.49 on gift cards this year, a 7% increase over 2018. 
  • Seventy-six percent of shoppers plan to buy at least one gift card or e-gift this season, up from 72% in 2018.


Year after year, the National Retail Federation finds gift cards are the most requested gift, but with so many choices, how do you select the perfect gift? Gifting expert Shelley Hunter is here to help! Shelley, the “Gift Card Girlfriend,” is available for interviews on Dec. 3 with tips for how to make each gift special. From the latest dining and retail gift bundles to the growing popularity of egift cards and personalized gift cards, Shelley will share her insights, ideas, and advice to give you a jumpstart on the holiday season.


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More About Shelley Hunter:
From gift card tips and practical advice, to inspiring ideas and insights into the gift card industry, Shelley Hunter (a.k.a. Gift Card Girlfriend) is the one-and-only consumer guide to gift cards. In addition to sharing creative ideas, she is always on the lookout for gift card trends that impact the public such as her ongoing Ranking of Top Store Digital Gift Cards and the popular Chapter 11 Gift Card Watchlist, both making national headlines.  A former IT Professional in the financial services industry, Shelley is a work-at-home mom who loves to give (and receive!) gift cards.


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