Shelley Hunter: December 8, 2016

Want to Give a Unique Gift This Holiday?

Tips from the Gift Card Girlfriend to Give the Most Requested Gift an Upgrade this Holiday Season


Shelley Hunter

Gift Card Girlfriend


Gift cards have been the most requested holiday gift for 10 straight years, according a recent study by the National Retail Federation. Additionally, a September study by Blackhawk Network — a pioneer of gift cards, payment tools and rewards delivered via a robust and convenient network — found that most shoppers surveyed (80 percent) plan on purchasing at least one gift card this holiday season, with most (81 percent) also estimating that up to half of their gifts this year could be gift cards.

As gift cards remain a popular gifting item for both givers and receivers, here are three popular ways to “upgrade” the gifting experience this holiday season: The first is electronic gift cards, or egifts, which are cards sent digitally, sans the plastic. With the number of egift options available rising year after year, adoption is rising too. According to a 2016 study by the Retail Gift Card Association, a quarter of consumers surveyed plan to purchase an egift this year. The second type of gift card you’ll hear about this season is experiential gift cards. As social clout trumps “things” these days, giving someone an adventure or an outing (or even a meal) that is tweet-worthy will be trending. Finally, personalized gift cards are the go-to option for giving a gift people will love, with a personal twist. Just upload a photo from Facebook or your computer to a prepaid Visa or MasterCard gift card and create a custom stocking stuffer.

On Thursday, December 8, Shelley Hunter is available to you and your listeners to talk about consumer research and preferences on gift cards, how to make the most use out of a gift card, and why personalized gift cards are a terrific option for gift giving this holiday season.

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From gift card tips and practical advice, to inspiring ideas and insights into the gift card industry, Shelley Hunter (a.k.a. Gift Card Girlfriend) is the one-and-only consumer guide to gift cards. In addition to sharing creative ideas, she is always on the lookout for gift card trends that impact the public such as her ongoing Ranking of Top Store Digital Gift Cards and the popular Chapter 11 Gift Card Watchlist, both making national headlines. A former IT Professional in the financial services industry, Shelley is a work-at-home mom who loves to give (and receive!) gift cards.

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