Shelley Hunter: May 9, 2019


Shelley Hunter, The Gift Card Girlfriend, Celebrates Mom, Dad, and the Grad with the Gift of Choice



The Gift Card Girlfriend

It’s that time of year again when Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduations are only days apart from one another There is no need to go shopper crazy waiting in lines to purchase your gifts or chasing the mailman down the street the day of when you can give the gift of choice with a gift card!

Shelley Hunter, a.k.a. the Gift Card Girlfriend, will be available for interviews on Thursday, May 9, to speak about the hottest trends in gift cards that work perfectly for every gifting occasion. From gift card tips and creative gifting presentation ideas to industry insights, Shelley Hunter is the one-and-only guide to gift cards.

Shelley can answer questions related to:

·         Hottest trends in gift cards

·         Top selling gift cards

·         Personal finance tips using gift cards (budgeting/money saving tips, deals and promotions, etc.)

·         How to creatively package and present gift cards

·         Retail transformation and gift cards

·         What to do with unused gift cards


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Shelley Hunter a.k.a. “The Gift Card Girlfriend” is a bona fide “influencer” and is often billed as “The Consumer Guide to Gift Cards.” From gift card tips and creative ideas to insights into the gift card industry, Shelley’s advice and insights have been featured in top tier national consumer and personal finance publications, including: Nerdwallet, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo!, Real Simple, Mashable and the Associated Press, among many more.

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