Craig R. Smith: May 10, 2012

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       Craig Smith  “Inflation Deception”   U.S. HIT BY 6 SHATTERING BLOWS: Even One Could Wreck our Economy.  All 6 Spell Disaster! The United States has just been hit by six economic nightmares at once. This deadly convergence of disasters could plunge America back into a Great Recession– or worse, warns Craig R. Smith, Chairman […]

Bill Salus: May 1, 2012

Part II of Bills interview with Bill Salus.

Kevin Collins: May 4, 2012

By Bill Martinez       Kevin “Coach” Collins, DPA “Crooks, Thugs & Bigots – The Lost, Hidden & Changed History of the Democrat Party   This interview will create a firestorm and the book´s author, Kevin “Coach” Collins, is game. A former Vietnam Era Marine with a doctorate in Public Administration, Collins is a  retired NYPD Honor Legion […]

Roger Charles: May 4, 2012

     Roger Charles:  Oklahoma City, What The Investigation Missed-and Why It Still Matters OKLAHOMA  CITY-What the Investigation Missed—and Why It Still Matters Timothy McVeigh’s account was just one version of events-much of it was wrong.    The acute dysfunction within the country’s law enforcement agencies Why the FBI & BATF underestimated & didn´t fully investigate […]

Peter Bergen: May 7, 2012

(Click on link below to hear the second half of Bill’s interview with Peter Bergen) By Bill Martinez    Peter Bergen: “Manhunt-The Ten Year Search for Bin Laden”   May7-2012_PeterBergen-II   CNN NATIONAL SECURITY ANALYST PETER BERGEN WRITES DEFINITIVE ACCOUNT OF TEN-YEAR SEARCH FOR OSAMA BIN LADEN Published to coincide with the first anniversary of bin Laden’s […]