Sid Roth: April 18, 2012


By Bill Martinez

Sid Roth is a successful businessman, media executive and personality.  He has investigated the supernatural for more than 30 years.  His televised program, “It’s Supernatural!,” documents miracles and is viewed internationally.  Some thirty-plus years ago Roth became a messianic Jew, accepting Yeshua as his Lord and Savior.  For a Jew steeped in tradition and challenged by empty religiosity, Roth was drawn to his Jewish Bible only to find the One he was repeatedly told was yet to come.  

Like the blind man who can now see, Sid Roth can not help but get the “good news” out to all his fellow Jews who sooner or later will acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God who will be coming soon a second time.  His book, “They Thought For Themselves, Ten Amazing Jews,” has now surpassed over a million copies in print.  It tells the real life stories of an atheist, a holocaust survivor, a concert pianist, and media executive and a PhD.  It’s about how in their own way, each defied the status quo and thought for themselves.  They dared to explore and confront the forbidden.  The result?  Everything in their lives changed for the better.  

The author, Sid Roth was instructed in a dream to find and interview people who had broken through the mold of their previous experiences to achieve their destiny.  Have you ever wondered if there is something more to life?   Have you ever dared to reach beyond your comfort zone?  Only when you dare to think for yourself will you reach your supernatural destiny.  Sid’s book is being distributed to Jews to open their eyes to the Truth of Yeshua as experienced in the stories of ten amazing Jews.  For more information Jews are welcomed to click on  Everyone else can go to 

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