Solomon & Brunner

FALLOUT: Nuclear Bribes, Russian Spies, and the Washington Lies That Enriched The Clinton and Biden Dynasties


Investigative Reporters Solomon and Bruner Reveal the Truth Behind the Uranium One Story, Joe Biden’s Ukraine Fiasco, and the Desperate Bid to Remove President Trump The Indispensable Guide To Putin’s Bid For Nuclear Dominance and the Real Scandals That Posed the Greatest Threats to American Democracy

“This book is a MUST BUY!” — President Donald J. Trump

In their new book Fallout, Solomon and Bruner follow the money and expose:

• NEW REVELATION: Joe Biden’s Ukraine Energy Advisor Secretly Lobbied For Russian Nuclear Deals

• BREAKING: How China, Russia, and Iran Got Sweetheart Nuclear Deals While Obama and Biden Inc. Cashed In

• REVEALED: Ten Obama-Biden Giveaways to Putin That Weakened America

• The Democratic Operatives Who Got Paid to Advance the Kremlin’s Agenda

• How the Obama Foundation Bagged $10 Million From Utility Company After the Obama Administration Approved Its Uranium Deals With Russia

• Clinton State Department Advisors Got Paid to Help Russia Corner the U.S. Uranium Market

• Trump Administration Blasted ‘Corrupt’ Ukrainian Weapons Agency Linked to Major Schiff Donor Before Impeachment “The Uranium One story sprawls across multiple U.S. administrations and reaches the highest levels of the Kremlin, where it becomes a key part of the long-held ambition of Russian President Vladimir Putin to corner the world market for atomic energy.

This book tells, as the late radio commentator Paul Harvey used to say, ‘the rest of the story.’”

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