Stephen E. Strang

Stephen E. Strang, journalist and author of the new book “Trump Aftershock – The President’s Seismic Impact on Culture and Faith in America”;CEO of Charisma Media and founder of Charisma magazine.

In“Trump Aftershock”,you highlight President Trump’s accomplishments since the world never even saw the “earthquake” coming!

The book includes Trump’s 500 Days of American Greatness.

What are some of the main concepts that your book covers?

  • “Trump Aftershock”explores how President Trump’s agenda aims to:
  • Free the economy and stock market to boom as never before
  • Restore the federal courts with judges who rule by the Constitution, not legislate from the bench
  • Address the surge of illegal immigration
  • Rebuild the US military to ensure peace through strength
  • Combat the media’s fake news war on the President, conservatism and our Constitutional rights.
  • Deal with Kim Jong-Un, Vladimir Putin, and others through an unconventional approach to foreign policy
  • Expose the deep state and the agenda of former President Obama
  • Strengthen ties with Israel and find a lasting peace in the Middle East
  • Protect religious liberty and traditional values
  • Uplift America’s standing in the world while putting America’s interests first

In“Trump Aftershock”Strang explores Trump’s effect on American culture from a Christian worldview perspective.

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