Stephen Wood: 5-Part Series – Monday, August 27th Thru Friday, August 31, 2012


The Stephen Wood Interview Series

with Bill Martinez


For five days, at this time, we will be focusing on the book of Revelations.  I am doing this in response to the one consistent question I am being asked, “Bill are we in the last days?”
For the past month, I have honed in on a book titled The Disciples Guide to Revelation by Stephen Wood.  I finally had the time to connect with Steve and we decide to do something different, to do a 5-part series, the final segment of Bill Martinez this week, focusing on the book of Revelation and the answer to that ominous question, “Are these the last days?”
Steve is making his book available to you at a special discount.  Please go to his web site: or call 913-681-7942.
If you have ever studied the Book of Revelations, you are aware there is much to be understood.  Our time limits us to focus on the key points of this book.  Our prayer is that this discussion will encourage you to study deeper, to better understanding what God has told us and is telling us in these the last days.  Maranatha!




About the Book

Our mission is to educate, enlighten, and equip students of Biblical prophecy, with accurate and complete insights in today’s events. The Bible provides an accurate compass as to the course of events which will transpire in the days immediately preceding the physical return of Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The church is awakening spiritually as to the imminence of these events and trends, yet is thirsty for deeper Biblical application. The Disciples Guide to Revelation, published in February 2012, provides the reader with an introductory guide through this crown jewel to the Holy Bible, with hundreds of cross references from the Old Testament and New Testament apostles. Topics include the last days alignment of nations which will form the seat of the antichrist; the rapture of the saints; cataclysms in the elements; the restoration of Israel and the rebuilding of the temple; global apostasy and the war with new age thinking; the marriage of world government with occult delusion; the mark of the beast; and the surge in worldwide evangelism with the true, unleavened gospel.

Steve Wood, author of The Disciples Guide to Revelation, is an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, has proclaimed the coming of the Lord for over 25 years as an evangelist and teacher, in churches and groups in the USA; south India; The Philippines; and Nicaragua. We will continue our mission as watchmen of the Word until the sound of the last trumpet.



About the Author

Stephen Wood has a long history of evangelism in church forums, radio, prisons, homeless shelters, and as keynote speaker to prophecy conferences. His doctrine centers on the born-again experience within the heart of every believer who receives redemption through the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary. This core doctrine is interwoven into the teaching of Bible prophecy through hundreds of sermons beginning in 1986 and continuing on through the present in 2012.

Stephen Wood is a family man who adores each member beginning with Ana, his beloved wife of 20 years, daughters Nichole Wood Huseby;  Grace, age 16;  and son Nathan, age 14.

Since the publishing of The Disciples Guide to Revelation in February 2012, the ministry is poised to truly embark upon an international scope and venue as the Sprit leads. “HAVE SWORD WILL TRAVEL” is the byword of this ministry, with zeal to proclaim the coming of the Lord anywhere in the world.

Commencing in March of 2012, the author has preached the coming of the Lord through television mediums in Atlanta, South Bend, Indiana, and most recently El Dorado, Arkansas.  Four messages are scheduled for broadcast through legacy TV on June 3rd.


  1. Michael Hulsey says

    Steve Wood is one of the most knowlegable students of the Book of Revelation. We had him here in Nicaragua for a huge conference with over 1000 attendees as he spoke with authority concerning the times in which we live. It was awesome to see him during the question and answer time each day as many people came with some of the most difficult questions concerning the Book of Revelation. Steve took his time and answered each question with humility, compassion, and Bible knowledge. People today still talk about his book and the conference! He made a lasting impact by bringing fresh insight to some of the most difficult Bible Passages.

  2. Really enjoying this interview…he makes me want to study this topic which seems so deep but once I started listening, it is coming to life…Great stuff !!


  3. Really enjoyinig this interview and learning so much about this topic which can be intimidating. he makes it understandable. Great stuff !


  4. Really enjoying this interview…am learning so much;…he makes Bible prophecy more understandable. Great stuff !


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