Steve Bannon: September 18, 2012

Steve Bannon


Steve Bannon, the director The Hope & The Change documentary, produced by Citizens United, has already received widespread attention with one writer calling it a “documentary you won’t want to miss.” It features 40 Obama ’08 voters who thought they were getting hope & change but wound up with nothing of the sort. One of them said he equates “hope & change” with “bait & switch.”

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“Through the course of the film, the subjects tell how their hope turned to disappointment, as the economy floundered and Obama focused on health-care reform and presided over an explosion in government spending. ‘It actually is a feeling that I would best describe as resentment,’ said one of the disillusioned…‘As I looked at that film, I understand why Chicago’—the Obama campaign— ‘never goes back to reminding people what they felt in 2008,’ says [Pat] Caddell. ‘Politically, this speaks to what really is the Obama crisis.’ – Peter Boyer, Newsweek, 8/21/12

“The film is at its best when it dredges up the kind of clips that Obama’s 2012 campaign would rather everyone forget. This film is a pointed reminder of just how much candidate Obama promised—and how much he has failed to deliver….’It’s almost like an Ancient Greek tragedy,’ director Steve Bannon says. ‘It’s the classic hero’s fall.’” – Weekly Standard, 8/28/12
“The film walks through the big issues the Obama administration has attempted to tackle, from the auto bailout to the stimulus, Obama’s foreign policy to the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s celebrity reputation to the economy and rising gasoline prices. The film also touches on some aspects of the racial division that the filmmakers argue has been partially inflamed by the White House… ‘I think the legacy of Barack Obama is going to be he made a lot of promises, got into office,’ says one interviewee, ‘and couldn’t fulfill them.’ The film concludes with the final question posed by another interviewee, ‘Can we go through another 4 years of this?’” – Daily Caller, 8/23/12

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