Steve Beaman: July 11, 2013


The Steve Beaman Group

“Building a Wealthier Nation; One Person At A Time”


 Obamacare has been postponed for a year for American businesses, but what does this mean for individuals and does the continued uncertainty just add to the problem of the Affordable Care Act?  

Steve Beaman, founder & chairman of The Steve Beaman Group, and SAFE, the society for the advancement of financial education shares why it’s more critical than ever that we take personal responsibility for ourselves and our families.  

Today he is leading America to a better understanding of their financial freedoms through an organization that he has founded called SAFE, Th Society for the Advancement of Financial Education.  

Our discussion centers around our national savings rate and why it will be important for our financial futures.Today’s SAFE Insight is excerpted from a speech I recently gave and explores the issue of “savings” in the United States.  Our national savings rate has declined from its’ historical average of around 10% of national income to a dismal less than 2% number.  This does not create a sustainable economy and greatly throws into question the retirement prospects for millions upon millions of Americans.    

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The American Dream Under Fire explores the entrepreneurial roots of our country and the causes behind the decline of our values.

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