Tale of Two Cities

By Bill Martinez                           

If one picture is worth a million words, than what words and question result from considering the obvious comparisons of a devastated city in Japan versus a once prosperous city in America.  This again raises questions about our national welfare system, especially when you realize that this comparison is one of hundreds and thousands of comparative examples of how charity has evolved into a right and now an entitlement.  

There is something wrong when a right turns into someone else’s obligation.  More than anything else, it robs the dignity from our humanity and along with it the societal contributions, the dreams, the possibilities of another human being.  There is no proof that entitlements including welfare have fulfilled on their hope and promise for a better future for its participants.  All it has delivered is a new form of slavery and oppression that is limiting the quality of life for all.  

Government funded entitlements focus on survival.  Even as described in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs it addresses the most fundamental and seems to ignore much above that.  Our US Constitution agrees that there are God-given rights that propel us all to the next levels of success and fulfillment.  But if those rights that are God-given become Government-given than we become bond servants to the company store.  These comparative pictures demonstrate more than two cities, two philosophies or even two destinies.  One requires action, a pursuit of happiness if you will.  The other says not to worry, big daddy government is here to save the day.  Well, how is that looking for Detroit right now?


The Shocking Truth About the Welfare State:

Two Cities, 67 Years Later

One wonders about America’s future with scenes like this.

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