Ted Shoebat: May 2, 2012

Ted Shoebat: Β Middle East Update

SUDANESE SPRING: Arab League aligns with Muslim Sudan; Condemns Christian South Sudan
Sudan, a Muslim majority country run by a brutal Muslim Brotherhood-backed president – Omar al-Bashir – now has the backing of the Arab League as it condemns South Sudan, a newly formed majority Christian nation that is less than one year old. The two countries have been inching closer to all-out war, with the reasons given being oil and border demarcation.

Ted Shoebat, son of a former Muslim terrorist who was once a Muslim Brotherhood activist and PLO member, says that while oil is an extremely valuable resource that understandably leads to conflict, there is something much more basic at work here.
South Sudan seceded from a Muslim nation at a time when the Muslim Brotherhood is gaining power, not losing it. Shoebat maintains that South Sudan’s very existence disgusts its neighbor to the north more than anything.Β 

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